smoke on the shores is excited to partner with sca to host our 2020 steak cookout.

Friday, March 20, 2020

10:00am              Team Arrivals/Set-Up
4:30pm                Cook’s Meeting & Steak Distribution*
7:30pm                Turn-In
9:00pm                Awards
9:30pm                Departure/Teardown

*Each team will receive three (3) 16 oz. Braveheart Ribeye Steaks, provided by Performance Foodservice, at the cook's meeting.  Each team will cook all three steaks, turn-in the best steak, and enjoy the other two for dinner.


  • Each team will be assigned one team spot which will measure 15' x 15'.

  • KCBS teams competing in the BBQ competition will obviously remain in their KCBS team site.

Awards & Prizes

Grand Champion                              $1,000
Reserve Grand Champion                $500
3rd Place                                            $400
4th Place                                            $300
5th Place                                            $200
6th Place                                            $100
7th Place                                            $100
8th Place                                            $100
9th Place                                            $100
10th Place                                          $100

*We are required to file 1099 forms with the Internal Revenue Service for the 2019 tax year for all teams receiving more than $600 in cash/prizes.  Each team will be required to complete the 1099 forms prior to receiving funds.


2020 Smoke on the Shores Steak Cookoff Team Registration

Head Cook *
Head Cook
Telephone *
Disclaimer *
By submitting this application, I waive any and all rights/claims I may have against Smoke on the Shores, Nashville Shores Lakeside Resort, Steak Cookout Association, or any individual/group responsible for the management of the Smoke on the Shores BBQ championship and/or Smoke on the Shores Steak Cookout Competition. I grant permission to Smoke on the Shores, and any agents, to use any/all photographs and video for promotional purposes. Any commercial photography, videography, television/documentary/movie tapings must be approved by the Smoke on the Shores BBQ Championship organization prior to the event. I agree to abide by all the rules of Smoke on the Shores, Nashville Shores Lakeside Resort, and Steak Cookout Association. The committee reserves to reject any application. Steak cookout competition team registration is $100.
Payment *
Team registration for the 2019 Steak Cookout Competition is $100. Once registration is received, invoice will be sent via e-mail (PayPal), and payment must be received within 48 hours. All payments must be made on-line (PayPal).
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